About one local enthusiastic biker


I am a keen mountain biker from the Czech republic who has an experience with biking all around the Czech republic, with biking in all the Alpine countries (Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany), Slovakia, Scotland, Croatia. Despite the experience with biking all around I consider Zdarske vrchy in the Czech republic as the best place for biking. 

Since I know almost every road in our region I decided to  to guide MTB tourists in the region of Zdarske vrchy - especially foreigners with whom I can use my English skills and passion for discovering new cultures. I like to share my knowledge of the region concerning all the roads, natural and cultural monuments, typical local pubs and restaurants, possibilities for accomodation and so on. I think this region is definitely worth showing it to the world and the best way is, of course from a saddle.

My name is Petr and I come from Heralec in the middle of the Czech republic. I am an engineer graduate of Economics at Masaryk university in Brno and Ecole de management de Normandie in Caen (France). During my studies I had a chance to participate on some sports projects of world character held in the heart of our region - Nove Mesto na Morave. I was a member of organizing team for UCI Bike World Cup 2014 and IBU Biathlon World Championships 2013 and IBU Biathlon World Cup 2015.

After my graduation in 2016 I did not want to neglect my biggest passions - biking and nature. Especially because I am living in a village which is surrounded by rough nature, deep woods, meadows and hills. I just wanted to make use of this beautiful surroundings and enjoy not even biking, but also running and cross country skiing as much as possible. That is why I wanted to fulfil my dream - to do what I love and at the same to share my passion and expertise with people who could possibly need my help. 

I am a person with a heart of sportsman. Except for travelling, cycling and other sports (cross-country skiing, running, football) I am a passionate reader of book of travels and detective stories, I like photography and discovering new cultures. I speak Czech and English (I know it is not perfect and I make some mistakes - so please forgive me) and I know basics of French. I consider myself as a friendly, communicative and responsible person. I fulfil what I promise and I expect the same from other people.

However, it is just a few words about my person. I would be glad if you could make a picture of me personally. To be close to the cyclists to whom I offer my services I like to share our stories with a glass of a top-class regional beer or caffe after tours (of course if they wish so).

I look forward to guiding you!