About the region

— Biking in Zdarske vrchy —

Zdarske vrchy (could be found also as Zdarske hills) is situated approximately in the middle of the Czech republic - 1 hour driving from Brno and 1,5 hour driving from Prague. It is a north part of Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (also found as Vysocina) surrounded around a worldwide well-known biking and biathlon destination Nove Mesto na Morave. This area is considered as a synonym for a perfect biking destination. Unsurprisingly, Zdarske vrchy is called "A green heart of Vysocina highlands".

Picturesque villages with a local rural character offer a refreshment in pleasant pubs and cafés with a family atmosphere and typical regional cuisine.  

Bikers appraise a wide net of wood roads with no or very low traffic as well as a new singletrack park in Nove Mesto na Morave with more than 30 km of singletracks. Those singletracks are half-nature and half-made and are listed as one of the best in the Czech republic (please see the video below). It is also the only place in the Czech republic where you can experience the tracks of the UCI World Bike Championships which was held in 2016 and was awarded as the best world biking event of 2016. Afterwards, you can ride the passages of the tracks all year long. 

Riding a bike in local surroundings offers an incredible experience. Zdarske vrchy and its rough nature offers an uncountable amount of beautiful and interesting places, stunning natural landmarks, breath-taking views, romantic secluded places aside from the rush of tourism, natural lakes and ponds hidden in the shaddows of the woods or one of the last virgin forests in the Czech republic. More than a half of the area is covered by woods, which also grow on the highest peaks of Devet skal and Zakova hora.  

You simply cannot find such a diverse biking attrations anywhere else in the Czech republic. Moreover, Zdarske vrchy offer excellent biking conditions for all age and performance groups of bikers and local climate mostly enables a pleasent temperature suitable for biking.